MoPoS — A Monetary Policy Simulation Game

Yvan Lengwiler (2001). Geld, Währung und Konjunktur, Quarterly Bulletin of the Swiss National Bank, March, 38-53, available in English, French, and German.

MoPoS is a computer game in which users can assume the role of a central bank and simulate monetary policy in a simple virtual economy. The computer program was created to sensitise users to the potential and the difficulties of monetary policy. It does not require any special previous knowledge and is aimed at both interested lay persons and students. Since model specifications can be changed and set any way the user wishes (monetary policy reaction function, parameter values, the properties of shocks), there are numerous possibilities to use the game. The software can be obtained from the Swiss National Bank.

This software was the subject of several newspaper articles, most importantly in the New York Times (June 4, 2001), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (August 11, 2001), and many others. The game has been downloaded or ordered more than 20’000 times since being available.