cover of the book Microfoundations of Financial Economics

An Introduction to General Equilibrium Asset Pricing

Yvan Lengwiler, Princeton University Press, 2004.

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This section of the website contains a list to all the literature referenced in the text, ordered according to the chapters of the text, and with links to online versions of these items where available. This should help instructors collect material for a reader accompanying their course, and it helps students collect the relevant literature on their own. Not all pieces of literature are available online, though, and many require a subscription to the respective journal, to JSTOR, or to the NBER working paper series. I have linked books to the respective publisher's website, from where most books can be ordered. Where no publisher website is available I provide a link to amazon.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Contingent claim economies

Chapter 3: Asset economies

Chapter 4: Risky decisions

Chapter 5: Static finance economy

Chapter 6: Dynamic finance economy

Chapter 7: Empirics and the puzzles

Chapter 8: Adapting the theory

Chapter 9: Epilog

Solutions to the problem sets

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